Paramedic Week Car Seat Clinic

Paramedic Week Car Seat Clinic Come and meet Andy The Ambulance along with his big brother and sister at Walmart tomorrow. Andy and his friends, the Paramedics and car seat technicians, will be there to inspect and install your car seats and give tours of the ambulance for Paramedic Week. Location: Walmart at Dixie and more »

Learn CPR and you could make someone undead.

CPR Makes You Un-dead

  On October 30th Peel Paramedic Services, the Peel Paramedic Association and St. John Ambulance are holding a mass CPR event at Mississauga’s Celebration Square. Everyone’s invited to this free event, so come on down and learn how you can save a life and make someone “undead” guided by professional paramedics and CPR instructors.

Support The Canadian Paramedic Memorial

As we all know there has been a heavy push on to establish a Canadian Paramedic Memorial in Ottawa to honour Paramedics who have died in the line of duty. Such an endeavour is dependent on volunteerism and a large amount of money.   To this end the Canadian Paramedic Ride & the Burlington Hometown more »