System Design

Peel Regional Paramedic Services (PRPS) is one of the largest Paramedic Services in Canada, employing over 650 Paramedics, responding to over 120, 000 calls in the Cities of Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton and Caledon per year.

PRPS operates over 55 ambulances during peak call volume times, plus up to 8 rapid response single (RRU) Paramedic units, strategically deployed to get Paramedics to you faster. We operate with both Basic and Advanced Life Support Paramedics, Tactical Paramedics, as well as a new Community Paramedic Program, where Paramedics go out and visit high call volume facilities on a more preventative and proactive basis.

Our system design is in transition, moving from a station based deployment where crews report to stations, spread across the Region, where they stock and clean their own vehicles, returning to their start stations after calls, to a more progressive and dynamic hub and spoke model.

In this new model, Paramedics report to one of 3 (soon to be 4) reporting stations. At these locations, crews are assigned ambulances that are cleaned, stocked and maintained by Logisitics Technicians. Crews have a parade at the beginning of the shift, similar to Police, where they meet their supervisors and are updated on current issues, discuss important updates and training. Crews are then deployed into the system, primarily in the 'quadrant' serviced by the divisions. This new system allows for more standardization, communication and accountability to the residents of Peel.

While not on calls, Paramedics are 'posted' to strategically located satellite stations throughout the Regions. These stations provide areas with bathrooms, computer stations and kitchen facilities for the Paramedics while they wait for the next call. The satellites are a combination of leased facilities (older style), co-locate with other Regional and Municipal properties or stand alone buildings. Peel Paramedic Stations

Reporting Stations

fernforest inside reporting station tomken

Co - Locate

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Stand Alone



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Peel Paramedic Association

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