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The PPA has grown considerably over the fourteen years since its inception. From our meager beginnings in volunteer work and involvement in the community, we have developed and implemented many programs for the betterment of the public we serve, and for the benefit of our members.

Paramedicine has seen its share of challenges as a budding medical discipline. Recently, we have witnessed increasingly bold and aggressive threats against our autonomy and our scope of practice by groups determined to undermine the service we provide. The PPA pledges to continue to promote and defend our profession, even in the face of these malicious attacks that threaten the very safety of our patients.

I have been proud to serve on the PPA's Board of Directors for the past 10 years. I am now honoured and privileged to have been given a mandate as the chapter's President. I am excited to work with this exemplary group of volunteers on our Board, to continue to provide the best value for our members and even greater service to our community.

We thank you for your interest in the PPA, and your support of PPA initiatives, programs and fundraising drives. Your continued support will help us to improve the Peel Paramedic Association and help us keep up with the ever evolving world of paramedicine.


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Mike Thomas


The Peel Paramedic Association (PPA) represents paramedics but we are not an employer or labour union. We are part of a national association of over 26,000 paramedics from across Canada. These paramedics volunteer to pay an annual membership fee that is utilized to fund projects for patient care advocacy and professional development.

The PPA is a registered charity and cannot involve itself in labour issues with the Region of Peel. Paramedics in Peel are represented by OPSEU Local 277.

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