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The Logistics Team at Peel Regional Paramedic Services

The Logistics Team works behind the scenes to keep frontline operations running smoothly.

Logistics Technicians

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Logistics Technicians, (LT's), previously known as VEPA's, may not be the people a patient sees in an emergency, but they still have a hand in every save. With support from their Supervisors, these hardworking men and women are responsible for everything a paramedic uses, wears, touches or travels in.

A typical day sees them restocking, cleaning and sanitizing Paramedic Service's fleet of vehicles, ensuring that each of our 151 ambulances, rapid response units and other specialized vehicles meets federal standards and is ready to return to the road in as little time as possible. They also decontaminate, clean, test and repair all equipment; clean contaminated uniforms; track and inspect all medications; remove and replace vehicles that need maintenance or repairs; and much more.

On average, the LT group restocks 480 bins every day - that's an astonishing 175,000 bins per year! Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our LT's prove that behind every successful paramedic is a great assistant.

Inventory, Equipment and Vehicles

Working with the LT team are the essential office staff - the Supervisors, Administrative Assistant, Analyst, Specialist, and Coordinators who oversee the fleet, equipment and supplies, with guidance from the Logistics Manager. Their main focus is to respond to operational requests as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Whatever a paramedic needs, from boots and uniforms to drugs, defibrillators and vehicles, is managed by this group.

Our Inventory and Equipment Analyst is responsible for fulfilling new product requests, handling everything from sourcing items, to working with vendors, to getting the proper approvals. Acting as an extension of the Analyst is our Equipment and Supplies Coordinator, who oversees the ordering process and ensures stock levels are met. Equally important is our Financial Coordinator, who makes sure bills get paid accurately and on time.

On the non-equipment side is our Fleet Specialist, who takes care of everything vehicle-related, from purchasing, customizing, ongoing maintenance to preparing ambulances for decommissioning.

Like the vehicles they manage, the Logistics Team works like a well-oiled machine, collaborating with one another to meet the needs of frontline staff, so that paramedics can respond to the needs of our communities.




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